Update date: 7 October 2010
Author: rafal

The brand-new Enclave Wooden Building

Kolyba of Koszorú, cottage kumornika and forge blacksmith bellows with the old wooden buildings make up the Enclave, which has been opened at the Museum uroczycie Beskidzki in Wisla. Implementation of the project was made possible thanks to the EU won by the District Office in Cieszyn.

After nearly 25 years have passed since the emergence of the idea, the construction of the enclave at Beskid Museum in the Vistula, the formation of the first open-air museum, which is the image of the cultural heritage highland material reality. The task also covered the repair works at the Museum building, which was adapted for the disabled. About how special place is an enclave of the best for yourself.
You can see kolybę with Koszorú, hut kumornika, forge, apiary beekeeping and herbarium. At the first presentation during its opening could look at the work szkubaczek that Darly feathers, a blacksmith in the forge, or highlanders wyrabiających sheep cheese. This is a great satisfaction and a good day for culture, tradition and the image of the Vistula and the Cieszyn district, because we show that we care about the tradition of our land. I am very pleased that we could achieve, and this investment is in a fairly short time. Today, all people involved in this project can be satisfied - said Czeslaw Gluza, Starosta Cieszyn. Did not hide the emotion Kiereś Margaret, Head of the Museum Beskidian in Wisla. I believe that people who are interested in how it used to be lived and worked, will be much, especially since it is an enclave in the heart of the city. - I wish the people who come here feel as at home. I want people to come here myself, sat on a bench at the blacksmith, looked at his work and brooding over his life for a while. As spring comes and will be here to grow all these herbs and corn, it will be here so beautifully, "woniało" that itself is hard to even imagine. This little bit of Father's House, the crumb of culture will live. I do not want this place called Skansen, because the most important thing here is the living man. I am happy that our dream, professor Kropa, mine and many people in the Vistula come true. Professor would have been glad that all the invited guests came to the Museum for the opening of the enclave. I hope it will be a place that will stop the value of the land and will be attractive to natives and tourists Wislanie. The ceremony was also attended family originator and main advocate of the Enclave of Professor John Kropa.
Cieszyn County made the investment that the project "Heritage of Cieszyn Silesia - Enclave Building at the Museum of Wooden Beskidzki Wisla" received a grant in the amount of 837 377.99 zł from the European Regional Development Fund under the Regional Operational Programme of Silesia for the period 2007-2013, while 147 772, 59 came from the District budget.