Update date: 24 September 2010
Author: rafal

Contests "Poland Travel Photo" and "Souvenir of the Region" is nearing completion. Do not hesitate!

Reminder of the deadline for submitting entries for both competitions organized by the Polish Tourist Organization. The deadline is now September 30!

First, the photo contest "Poland Travel Photography", which is sufficient to personally take a picture falling into the categories listed at and win!

The second competition for the "Memorial of the Region", aims to popularize and highlights the most attractive souvenirs, symbolizing the tourist products and regions and subregions.

"In particular I will be rewarded with pictures of the Augustow Canal - and the Papal Trail Monuments Route of the Silesian Voivodeship" - highlights Szmytka Raphael, President of Polish Tourist Organization. "These two routes are the Golden Certificate POT was captured for the most unique and attractive tourist destinations in Poland, so we want to specifically highlight their importance."

Applications for both competitions can be sent by 30 September 2010 using the application on page , created specifically for competitions.
Prizes and awards will be presented at TOUR SALON in Poznan to be held within the period 20-23 October 2010.
The executive producer of both competitions is a project of PR Sp. z oo