Update date: 20 September 2010
Author: rafal

Daedalus went to the stream

Was settled on the first edition of the joint competition of Bielsko-Biala and counties: Bielsko, Cieszyn and Zywiec the Company of the Year. Title Company of the Year went to Cieszyn County Department of Metal Products "Strumet" from the stream. Award presented to the owner's manual Cieszyński Czeslaw Gluza Foreman.

The competition was held under the theme "Local governments - Entrepreneurs." The award was granted, inter alia dycydowały economic indicators rated entities, business firms to promote the region and their sponsoring activities. Winners in each category received a statue of Daedalus. This mythical figure embodies hard work, ingenuity, ambition and determination, and so the features you are looking for in candidates for the prize. The author of the statue is known sculptress Lidia Bielsko Sztwiertnia. Jury awarded prizes in four categories. Title Company of the Year went to Cieszyn County Department of Metal Products "Strumet" from the stream. Company of the Year was chosen District Bielski Department of Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Andrew Nycz of Goats. Company of the Year District Żywiecki company was "Zywiec Zdroj from Cięciny.Firmą Year of Bielsko-Biala is a company Fiat Auto Poland. In addition, the jury decided to award a special prize for the best company in the region. It was her company Fiat Auto Poland.
It is these people actually decide on the image of our region. By investing, giving the work, influence the development of socio-economic life of our small homeland, which we represent here. It is therefore important to encourage new initiatives, encouraging them and creating a good atmosphere around them. Password Local entrepreneurs shows the best course of action in which we want to go. This first edition of the company, which covers the area Podbeskidzie. Well, that such an initiative was created. I thank my colleagues for her to take because every award not only rewards the effort or the effort a success, but also motivates us to work even better. Today's entrepreneur is not afraid of challenges, enjoys the advantages of membership in the European Union, boldly reaches for EU funds, take a pro-environmental actions, are included in the local community through charitable activities. It all deserves the highest praise - highlights Starosta Cieszyński Czeslaw Gluza.