Update date: 14 September 2010
Author: rafal

Final Competition "Company of the Year 2010"

On September 16, 2010. in Bielsko Cultural Centre in Bielsko-Biala ceremony will take place awards in the competition, "Company of the Year 2010". Competition announced by vBulletin Czeslaw Gluza Starosta, Mayor of the City of Bielsko-Biala Jack Krywult, Starosta Plonka Andrzej Bielski and Andrzej Zielinski Starosta Żywiecki held under the motto: "Local authorities - the entrepreneurs." The award ceremony is a celebration of the Feast of Enterprise or those whose daily, severe, often combined with financial risk allows you to work vigorous development of the region.
The title "Company of the Year 2010" awarded in the contest promotes particularly active, dynamic trading company, manufacturing and services and is a recognition on the part of local authorities for their leading role in regional development. The selection of firms reported in the competition for honors and awards have been taken into account: net income, value of exports, the value of investments with particular emphasis on innovation, the average wage, employment, activities for the promotion of the region, ecological activities, sponsorship and charity activities, actions to create jobs for the disabled. In the assessment were also included certificates confirming the level of management methods and quality control and quality of manufactured products and services - says Foreman Cieszyński Czeslaw Gluza. In addition to the score resulting from the above criteria were taken into account additional aspects, such as the general business environment and traditions. The Jury consisting of the Mayor of the City of Bielsko-Biala and Starostas Bielsko, Cieszyn and Żywiecki nominated by 11 companies, including three companies from the county of Cieszyn: Metal Products Division STRUMET Sp. z oo with the Stream, Inc. Charles Chwastek Department Dębowca slaughter of cattle, PHU "Darma" Sp. j Buladnra M., B. Hare of the barn.
During the ceremony, the prize will be awarded for:
• Business of the Year 2010 City of Bielsko-Biala
• Business of the Year 2010 Land Bielska,
• Business of the Year 2010 Těšín,
• Business of the Year 2010 Land Zywiec.