Update date: 7 September 2010
Author: rafal


On 10 September (Friday) this year, 18.00 of the Adam Mickiewicz Theatre in Cieszyn charity concert will be held Fri "At the heart strings," in which there are Ewa and Jacek Wojcicki Jaślar.
The concert is organized by the Polish Association of Multiple Sclerosis in Cieszyn branch of the national campaign "symphony of hearts." Income from the event will be provided for the rehabilitation of people affected by multiple sclerosis. The concert will begin Awards ceremony Powered by vBulletin them. Fr. Leopold Szersznik in the Field of Culture. The winners this year who collect award from the hands of the Mayor of Cieszyn during the event, will be in the category of cultural protection Fr. Ignatius Czader - pastor of Mary Queen of Polish in the foothills and in the category of artistic Dariusz Orszulik - an amateur painter from Cieszyn. In terms of dissemination of culture Cieszyn County awarded the Estrada Regional Równica and its artistic manager Renata Cieszewskiej which awards were handed out during the harvest festival in the county Ustroń. Special guests will be Mark Horąży and Condrat Strycharski who completed the march started at around the Polish Cieszyn, designed to draw attention to the plight of people affected by multiple scattered.