Update date: 2 September 2010
Author: rafal


September 1, 1939 instead of the school bells sound could be heard explosions and gunshots. In the 71 anniversary of the outbreak of World War II was commemorated in Cieszyn Those who fought for freedom and sacrificed their lives for freedom.
Exactly at 10.30 the national anthem in the square memory arrays Poniatowski began the celebration of anniversary of the outbreak of World War II Veteran's Day. The year 2010 is full of big anniversaries. Happy anniversary events and a very tragic event for the history of our nation. Today brings together two generations. Generation of people who fought for freedom and suffered in this battle and the death of a generation of people who, through this sacrifice may now live in a free Poland - Cieszyn Foreman said Czeslaw Gluza. During a speech to the Plac Poniatowski Foreman thanked the veterans for heroism. I appeal to you, dear veterans, soldiers of the Second World War. On behalf of the entire population of the District of Cieszyn thank you for your liberty, we wywalczyliście for our homeland. Thanks for the sacrifice of blood and health. Thanks for being our generation, the generation of our children and grandchildren know the war only from the lessons of history. I pay tribute to all of you who fought so that we can live in peace, so that young people are easily able to start another year of study in schools - said the governor.

In addition to veterans in a patriotic demonstration was attended by authorities of Cieszyn County, scouts, youth, representatives of associations who have marched through the streets of Cieszyn, making the flowers at the monument of the Defenders of the Fatherland and heroic Scouts. Flowers made by delegations in Cieszyn will foster other memorials located throughout the county. The intention of the homeland in the Parish Church. St. Mary Magdalene's Mass was celebrated. The celebration of 71 anniversary of the outbreak of World War II veterans, ended the meeting with the authorities and the region of Cieszyn, which took place in the National House.