Update date: 30 August 2010
Author: rafal

For seniors

Although the International Day of Older Persons falls on Oct. 1, using the aura of the summer tourist season and the District Family Assistance Center in Cieszyn, together with the Municipal House homes in Ustroń organized the event ustrońskim market for seniors.

The weather was good and the central square was filled with seniors Spas of social homes in the county of Cieszyn. Retreat to come also from the Czech Republic and proteges DPS-s from Silesia. In addition to her artistic groups, and refreshments were drawn rewards that have enriched the three care facilities. Funded by the District Office in Cieszyn tower went to the Social Welfare Home for Adults in Bytom. The new owner founded by MDSS capita in the DVD player was Ustroń County Nursing Home, "Serene Autumn" in Cieszyn and eight kilograms of butter provided by the company will strengthen the forces Sobik Evangelical Nursing Home Population, "The site of Peace" from Bytom. Following warm words for seniors Foreman Cieszyński Czeslaw Gluza expressed hope that similar meetings will be organized every year. We are talking about it more and more the simple reason that this process will affect all of us is likely to be few or more years. Are we talking about this more often because in recent years has changed the look of older people who spend the autumn of his life actively exploring the interest on which the work had no time. That such events as that which takes place in Ustroń shows that at the end of life does not have to resign from the dreams and plans. It also lets you pay attention to the contribution made by mature people in shape and way of life of local communities. Thanks to advances in science, including medicine and the promotion of healthy lifestyles, in almost all countries extended life expectancy. Day of Older Persons is an opportunity to break the stereotype of zrównującym niedołężnością adulthood, dependence and infantilization, and finally to discuss the problems of mature people. About this goes without saying because we are an aging population and older people are ever growing and increasingly strong player in the group of developed societies - said Foreman. During the event participants were able to acquire the fun artwork made by DPS-s charges, but about the mood took care: Team "Sycamore" from Jaworzynka, Team Singing "Beskuryje from Cisownicy and Regional Estrada" Równica.