Update date: 17 August 2010
Author: rafal

Harvest District in Ustroń

As early as next Sunday (22.08) for the Retreat will gather from all over the county farmers together to Cieszyn, thank you for this year's harvest. The event will be preceded by Ustroń Torg, which will be held on Friday and Saturday Market Ustroń. Before farmers venturing into the colorful parade will be cleared harvest Religious Celebrations: the chair. 8.30 and 10.30 - Devotions in the Church and the Evangelical-Augsburg hours. 9.00-harvest Mass in the Catholic Church of St. Clement.
Ustroń Harvest - August 22

hours. 14.00-A colorful procession through the streets (street Daszyńskiego and 3 May to the Amphitheatre)

hours. 15.00-rite - Ustroń Amphitheatre
Estrada will perform rite involving China Čantoria Catholic Choir "AVE" and the Choir of the Evangelical,
16.00-The performance of the Regional Children's Stage "Równica"

hours. 17.00 Dożynkowy Festival - a circle dance at Amphitheater
good music to play team will Janusz Plums.


S erdeczniezapraszamy

Organizer: Association "Ustroń Harvest Festival", City Ustroń, District of Cieszyn