Update date: 23 July 2010
Author: rafal

Welcome to Jurassic Grod

Jurassic Castle, a wooden palisade fence with gates and a medieval turrets, inside - the rocky and sandy trails - is 11 miniature buildings from the land of castles Jura: Bedzin, Bobolice, Bydlin, Lipowiec, Mirow, Ogrodzieniec, Fathers, Olsztyn, Pieskowa Rock , Rabsztyn, Siewierz. It is also carved in stone and the Mace of Hercules Gate Twardowski. Soon rise locks: Tenczyn and Wawel Castle.

Attraction of the castle is a great bar with a stone barbecue ovens for baking bread and wędzarniami. You can enjoy delicacies such as freshly baked bread with lard and pickles, potatoes with smallpox or grilled trout. Children have an attractive playground. The guests waiting for a theater with a nice music and from time to time with artistic performances.

Soon the Jurajskicm bulkheads are to receive the Jurassic cottages, cows, goats, chickens, villagers in the Jurassic costumes, knights and true knightly combat. The intention of the owner - Zbigniew Jakóbczyka, is to create an educational historical path of life of people in the Jura region in ancient times, and the idea of ornithological path.
For very young children will be installed on slides, and they will greet guests and powerful dragons. The owner thought it to guests who wish to stay longer. Within the castle are places catering 300-400, 30 rooms in cottages and year-round camping. Those who prefer luxury and can accommodate up in the neighboring pobiesiadować "Orli Gościniec the Trail." Here, too, everything is Jurassic-style, from the main entrance, through the so-called. cafeteria, meeting consumer conference, grill bar called the barn, and ending with the rooms and bathrooms. Note that for visitors by car is safe parking.

Complex of hotel and catering "Orli Gościniec the Trail" is recommended by the Association of Managers of Rekreacyjno_Turystycznych and has four oak leaves (recommended facility may receive from 1 to 5 of oak leaves).

Prepared on the basis of the text Irena Hemarskiej "The Jurassic Trail - Just like old times"