Update date: 5 July 2010
Author: rafal

Jurassic Park Castle awaits tourists

Starting at 2 weeks, you can visit the new attraction in Ogrodzieniec - Castles Jurassic Park. "Jurassic Park Castle" in miniature, is located in Podzamcze, right at the foot of the picturesque ruins of the castle situated Ogrodzienieckiego. The Park can see the Eagles Nests Trail in 1:25 scale stretching from Krakow, to Czestochowa.
Mock castles and fortresses have been restored in accordance with historical truth, and the same mock execution was preceded by several months of exploration and development of historical documentation. The objects presented in the park are located on open space. The objects will be accompanied by setting the valleys and canyons with steep slopes and precipitous cliffs, which are Perched locks.
In the park you will see miniature replicas of siege engines and from the medieval period, among others. belching catapult missiles, ballista - the type of crossbow on wheels, and the trebuchet - an impressive machine belching bullets, mechanical sling-like. With these devices the war will be interested to learn fighting forces, carried out in the fourteenth, fifteenth and sixteenth centuries

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