Update date: 5 July 2010
Author: rafal

The new attraction of the Jury - Gateway Lasecki

Jura Cracow - Czestochowa recently been enriched by yet another tourist attraction. In the course of organizing the area around the restored Castle Bobolice managed to uncover a beautiful monadnock rock - carved over thousands of years by wind and water-rock gate, named in honor of today's owners of the castle gate Lasecki.
The gate has long remained almost invisible. On one hand, hid her growing around thick bushes, on the other - the accumulated years of garbage and waste. Clearing the area around the castle before we have removed "The Gates" a few tons of garbage, bottles, old tin cans and other trash left by years of "pseudoturystów. Wykarczowaliśmy or shrubs growing there again so we can admire the unusual rock creation - says former Senator Jaroslaw Lasecki, owner of Castle Bobolice.
Organizing the site revealed one more thing, the rock-hewn staircase at Gate Lasecki running towards the castle. It was probably a path leading from the village towards the castle walls. Lasecki gate, although it can count the hundreds of thousands of years, became the youngest jury attraction. This type of Jurassic karst forms are found in many places, but only some are becoming a major attraction such as the Golden Gate Twardowski Brook. Now, they were joined by a beautiful gate Lasecki united with the body of the nearby Castle Bobolice.