Update date: 11 June 2010
Author: rafal

Beware of zoboty!

Robots on the streets Silesia encourage participation in Industriadzie.

As early as this Saturday will be the first holiday trails Monuments.
Industriada to be an annual recurring event filled with concerts, exhibitions, sports competitions, presentations, lectures, tasting, demonstrations of old machinery and historical costumes workers serving them, as well as competitions with prizes and games for children.
This year will be attended by 40 Industradzie monuments and sites linked to the industrial tradition of the region, with 23 cities from across the region - from Czestochowa by the Upper Silesia and the Zywiec Basin.
To promote the event through the streets of cities in Silesia ZOBOTY orbit - that is, historical works. They refer to their shape, appearance and names of the various branches of technology. This Endurance Energy imps, so that in Silesia as the technique is alive!

The greatest chance of meeting ZOBOTA in the following locations:
  • Bytom ul. Dworcowa, ul. Moniuszko, Kosciuszko Square, Square, Square Sikorski
  • Chorzów ul. Freedom
  • Katowice: ul. 3-go Maja Street. Arthritis, ul. Old Town
  • Częstochowa: Virgin Avenues
  • Rybnik Market and around
  • Zabrze: Market Square. Liberty and 3-go Maja
  • Gliwice ul. Victory and the Market
Furthermore, the promotion of the event tomorrow, Friday 11 June in local newspapers will be insert advertises the event, including detailed program Industriady.

Attached is a "Proof of Registration." PCS is a trail car, hence the "proof" will be encouraged to regularly make visits to premises located on it.

To participate in a contest with prizes, simply collect five stamps and come up with slogan, a favorite object. The prizes of the contest will be:
  • Award of: 1 x Thermomix - food processor combines the functions of more than twenty devices
  • Secondary Prizes: 5 x IROBOT - intelligent vacuum cleaner
  • Prizes third degree: 15 x ROBOACTOR - controlled by an interactive robot.
Photo: MarketPlace Squadron Group

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