Update date: 7 June 2010
Author: rafal

The competing teams selected

Festival "Silesian Tastes" has less than two weeks, so taking off team may already be preparing for the competition.
For qualified culinary competition the following teams:

in Amateur:
- Team Singing "Kalina" with Łaziska,
- Circle of the Rural Wisla United,
- Association of Friends of the Vistula River Cities' Imko Wisełka "
- Team Family Czarków,
- Circle of the Rural Udórz,
- District Council of the Rural Circles in Kłobuck,
- Circle of the Rural Dąbrowa Mining - Tucznawa,
- Circle of the Rural Kobiernice,
- The group "Familijo" with Skrzyszów,
- Culinary Youth Club of Czestochowa,
- Circle of Rural Women with Rudy.

PROFESSIONALS in category:
- Vocational School in Żarki,
- Restaurant "Frykówka from Pszczyna,
- Vocational Schools in Racibórz,
- Restaurant "Old Bakery" in Pless,
- Kilerów Two - Qubus Hotel Katowice
- Secondary School Culinary them. Gustav Morcinka in Katowice,
- Beskidzki Culinary Club,
- OSR Zagroń of Istebna.

We regret to inform you that the day before the festival withdrew from the contest zrużyna of Radomsko. We hope that next year they can start in the competition for the Golden Colander.