Update date: 2 June 2010
Author: rafal

We already know the program Industriady!

Feast Monuments Route of the Silesian Voivodeship, which will be celebrated in the region for the first time, has gained many supporters.
June 12 in the province for visitors cast will be approximately 40 objects from 23 cities to join in the celebration. Feast of the Route will not only provide an opportunity to visit sites with a guide but also to participate in other attractions specially prepared for this celebration. And so in celebration of the programs do not run out of presentations, multimedia presentations, artistic performances and contests with prizes. A special treat will also turbogolf (golf in the industrial areas) and industrial climbing.
A detailed program of the event in each city is given on page and a calendar of events on page

It is booked on June 12 to celebrate the circle of admirers industrial climates.

Serdeczenie welcome. Back to the past is guaranteed!