Update date: 31 May 2010
Author: rafal

"Silesian the child" in the tourist information

From June 1 to several tourist information points will be available guides "Silesian the child." Enjoy reading, and many successful tours of Silesia!

Free copies of publications will be available in the following tourist information centers in the region:

- Regional Tourist Information Centre in Katowice;
- Tourist Information Office Nikiszowiec Katowice;
- City Centre Tourist IPB Piekary Slaskie;
- Municipal Information Center Zywiec;
- City Information Centre Sosnowiec;
- Promotion Office Bytom;
- Tourist Information about the City Tarnowskie Mountains;
- Tourist Information Wisla;
- Center for Cultural and Tourist Information, Gliwice, Poland;
- Cultural Information Centre and the Regional Education Palace Piast Gliwice;
- City Information Point in Zory;
- Chorzów Tourist Information Centre;
- Cieszyn Tourist Information Centre;
- Tourist Information Centre in the Silesian Castle of Art and Enterprise in Cieszyn;
- Municipal Information Centre in Czestochowa;
- Tourist Information Centre at Slavkov (in the Shelter and the Municipal Cultural Centre);
- Tourist Information in Ustroń;
- Tourist Information Centre in Zabrze, Poland;
- Tourist Information of Hungary Hill;
- Municipal Tourist Information Centre in Bielsko-Biala;
- Tourist Information Office in Istebna;
- Municipal Tourist Information Point in Brenna;
- Raciborskie Information Centre;
- Tourist Information Office in Gorzyce;
- Tourist Information Office, "Gate Chosen" in Pless;
- Tourist Information Office Demonstration Farm Bison, Pszczyna;
- Tourist Information Association of Municipalities in Ogrodzieniec Jurassic;
- Travel Agency "New Standards" in Ogrodzieniec;
- Castle Ogrodzieniec - cash in Podzamcze;
- Headquarters Jura Tourist Information Zawiercie.

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