Update date: 26 May 2010
Author: rafal

"Silesian the child" in Gazeta Wyborcza

The latest release of the Silesian Tourist Organisation "Silesian the child beats records of popularity. Publisher can be viewed on the internet, and from June 1 will be available at the point of Silesia Tourist Information System. To celebrate Children's Day zbliąającego the Silesian Tourist Organization has prepared yet another publishing surprise - a guide will be a free addition to katowicko Częstochowa and Bielsko-edition of Gazeta Wyborcza.
This coming Monday, May 31, together with Gazeta Wyborcza, you can receive a guide "Silesia with the child. The weather." The next day, exactly on Children's Day will be an addition to the newspaper "Silesian the child. The bad weather."

Enjoy reading, and today we invite you to explore the Silesia with children!

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