Update date: 21 May 2010
Author: rafal

Contest tinctures and continued recruitment of chefs

We know further details of the successive points of the Festival "Silesian Tastes," which will be held June 19 at the Golden Brook. A new element will be open competition for the best tincture. Given the events of recent days also decided to extend the recruitment of participants in the cooking competition.
On the application teams amateurs and professionals are waiting until Friday, May 28. Rules of the competition for the Golden Colander and title examiner Śląskich Tastes 2010 and entry forms can be downloaded from here .

New to this year's festival will be a contest for best tincture. They can participate in the adults, who produce and serve traditional drinks made from natural raw materials. The contest will be carried out directly on the Festival. Organizational details, see the accompanying regulations.

Welcome to the fun!