Update date: 30 April 2010
Author: rafal

Pasjonauci recommend Śląskie

Takes another nationwide promotional campaign Silesia. This time, the Poles will learn through the activities of the Silesian province pasjonautów residents, ie people dedicated to their passions ...
"Pasjonauci recommend" is yet another campaign to promote Silesia as a region full of energizing tourist attractions. Its heroes are "Pasjonauci" who, through their passions rise above mediocrity, and sharing them with others, emanate positive energy. Their fate, and build the image of the region's history of active and interesting people, open to anyone looking for unusual places and extraordinary experiences. Not only Pasjonauci are convinced that such places are found in Silesia.

True "pasjonauci" - real people are the heroes of the region surrounding the campaign, became an inspiration for the character of the film and advertising posters that portray the most characteristic passion and biographies straight from real life. Pasjonauci common voice inviting:

- Savor the hospitality of the inhabitants of Beskid Slaski and Żywiecki,
- For an active holiday in Jura,
- To visit the Monuments Route objects,
- To meet the unique regional cuisine,
- To develop their own passion in our region.

Pasjonauci will recommend Silesia until the end of May. Appeared on 210 billboards, banners and newspaper sites, especially in the advertising spot aired on all major television channels in the country. They will also be heard on the radio and learn more about the Internet. For the first time in marketing communications Silesia will be launched a special page on Facebook (fanpage) - a kind of command center for the entire act, full of competitions and quizzes for users. Of particular interest will be involved in the promotion of the region widely read authors' blogs. Five of these extraordinary ambassadors of Silesia will not only present its readers less well-known face of the province, but also his own example proves that the inhabitants driven by real passion.

In addition, in selected cities will be shares of direct marketing. Under ceilings subways, railway stations and popular streets will be hundreds of helium balloons with paper silhouettes podczepionymi Pasjonautów and information about the promoted areas. Helium balloons will also be used in creative consignment to journalists (direct mail) with a description of the campaign.

Campaign Pasjonauci "consciously alludes to last year's award-winning and recognized for the success of the campaign," Positively shoot. "

Proceedings of the campaign can be seen here .
How leaflet was created with the participation of pasjonautów can learn from the channel of the Silesian Voivodeship on You Tube .
More about the campaign - welcome!