Update date: 28 April 2010
Author: rafal

"Silesian the child" - a new guide to the region

How much she weighed medieval armor, and why the owner had to pay her the equivalent of one village? Able to count how many horses working underground? What is the "bodyguard", guarding the miners working? How did it happen that Benny and Lenny have only four fingers? The answers to these and many other questions can be found in the recent publishing of the Silesian Tourist Organization Fri "Silesian the child."

From today, parents of children not only from Silesia will have no problem with choosing the tour is suitable for their kiddies. Importantly, they will know where to go, not only in sunny, but also on a rainy day. All thanks to the new publisher of the Silesian Tourist Organization Fri "Silesian the child."

Presentation of the guide held in a place where children feel at home, or in the Municipal Kindergarten No. 5 in Katowice. - We decided to create the first such guide in the Polish market, the guide not only contains the customized tours for children, but also one that children will simply loved it. Thus, the "fabulous" image, coloring books and games, the legend. We hope that our example will follow some other regions. At the tourism fair, we see that the demand for this type of publishing is huge - says Agnieszka Sikorska, director of the office Sot.

The publication includes the route 32 one-day trips around the region, 16 and 16 of the weather on the weather. In addition to interesting, posted by Anna Dudzińska texts there are practical information, trivia and everything that parents should know before you journey into the known and unknown regions of Silesia. - I tried to explain everything interesting in Silesia. While everyone knows about the attractions or Pszczyna Retreat, the information on Tropical Island at Enchanted Forest Marklowice or near Janow is not so obvious. I admit that in some parts of the province really had to look for these gems. The higher the satisfaction ... now - explains the author.

- I am glad that the Silesian Tourist Organisation in its promotional activities for the region also ensured the youngest. Her latest release - "Silesian the child" - in an accessible and very attractive way of presenting the advantages of young citizens of our region. It's a great way to reach families and encourage them to discover the beauty and richness of Silesia. I hope that this interesting guide will meet with a friendly reception, not only among the inhabitants of the region, but also to conquer the hearts of tourists from all over Polish - commented on the creation of a new conductor Silesian Province Marshal, Boguslaw Smigielski.

Already today, "Silesian the child" can be downloaded from the website . In late May, a guide will be available at tourist information points throughout the province. Later it also handed out promotional stand at a tourist Silesia. Publisher is free.

Developers Guide:
- Lyrics: Anna Dudzińska
- Illustrations: Milena Michałowska
- Graphic design: Anna Kopaczewska.

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