Update date: 6 April 2010
Author: rafal

Wisla with humor

Association of Friends of the Vistula River Cities Imko Wiselka moves to a new form of promotion of the city, which is original and interesting form of humor and cartoon satire. Drawings will focus on the Vistula and the current events or activities organized in the city. This type of marketing is referred to as viral marketing, sometimes part of buzz marketing. For many years, advertising and marketing studies show that Poles like the context of humor in advertising.
Poles' opinion survey on the attractiveness of the ad and their memory has been made by ZenithOptimedia media house in the project driver.
77 percent. Poles expressed a strong belief that the appeal provides advertising contained in the humor. Slightly more than half of those strongly indicates a characteristic feature in this music, and almost every second respondent - interesting password. For 35 percent. Poles crucial in this context is the color for 24 percent. - Emotional character, and for 18 percent. - Dynamic atmosphere.
For this reason, the initiators want in an original and interesting way to promote the city. Soon there will also be posters, objects interested in the Vistula River will make available to current drawings. Tourists will be able to buy postcards of the stories. Ultimately, the creation page, where you will put the drawings up to date with humor. You will be on this page to participate in contests with prizes in the form stays in the Vistula River. Initiators want to bet on something original and interesting. Slowly running out of time when the city promoted only through the folders and tourism fairs. Wisla is a place for additional promotion but never too many - says Paul Brągiel President of the Association of Friends of the Vistula River City Imko Wisełka.