Update date: 25 March 2010
Author: rafal

Prestigious statuettes handed Polish journalists

A special tourist event is niewątpliwue contest them. Mieczyslaw Orłowicza. In this year held its VIII edition, which was presented during the Polish and publicists dzinnikarzom prestigious statuettes. Prize was awarded to two journalists from the province of Silesia.
In this year's eighth edition of the contest was attended by 65 journalists and columnists. The jury evaluated the best ways to popularize tourism, journalists, radio, television and internet, media, national and local issues are addressed by the national tourism economy. Anno Domini Orłowicza Awards 2010 were presented March 19 in theaters Gallery, Warsaw. POT statuettes handed President Mr. Raphael Szmytka and Jerzy Domanski - SD president of Poland.

Rewards given in several categories. And so, in the category "with a microphone and a camera" out of radio journalists jurors emerged five winners of the competition. Statuette received from the Chairman of the POT Thomas White and Monica Bartkowicz from Radio PLUS Zielona Gora. for the project "Blonde on high heels" and "Maniach Tourist." Honours awarded two journalists from Radio Katowice eM: Barbara and Mark Hobzdę Piechniczka, for a 40-part series on tourist attractions Beskydy.
Moreover, it is worth mentioning that the awards were presenters TVP 2, Dream Rogalski and Catherine Zielinski for the television program "I love you Polish 'special award was presented to Mrs. Annie Olszewska editor of trade magazine" Travel Market. " In the category of pens champions Mark Henzler was awarded the "Polityka" for a series of nine articles under the title "Branded Cyclo," masters award also awarded, and Jacob Michael Książkiewiczowi Nawrockiemu the Magazine Rowertour "for bicycle travel reports on the Polish attractive places.

Contest. Mieczyslaw Orłowicza is organized by the Polish Tourism Organisation in cooperation with the Polish Journalists' Association under the patronage PRESS magazine. Partner of this year's ceremony was the announcement of the results of the competition The City of Lodz.