Update date: 20 February 2010
Author: rafal

The second silver medal for Adam!

This day will long be in our memory. Adam won the second Olympic silver in today's competition for the HS-140 hill in Whistler! Last week's scenario repeated itself. The first was Simon Ammann, the third Gregor Schlierenzauer.
Our phenomenal jumper after the first round was second (137 mi 138.1 points). In the finals series Adam gave the jump distance 133.5 m and this way the total score of 269.4 points defended his second place. "Eagle of the Vistula," expanded on the medal achievements of Polish Winter Olympics in Vancouver and four medals.
Adam supporter of the whole of Poland with the family at the head of the Vistula. Residents gathered in the amphitheater of the Vistula collectively cheered him while jumping, and when everything became clear and silver fought, sang joyfully Vistulans Adam "Happy Birthday"!

Adam Malysz, photo Tadeusz Mieczyński,