Update date: 9 February 2010
Author: rafal

Visitor! Join the "it"!

In early February, began its activities Cultural Information Centre and Tourism in Gliwice. The facility is housed in a former cinema, Fairy Tale, Street Lower Ramparts 3 and is in addition to appearing in the Castle Piast Cultural Information Centre and the Regional Education.
Cultural Information Centre and Tourist Gliwice serves both as tourists and visitors to the city and surrounding areas.
Visitors will be able to consult it with comprehensive information, to purchase tourist publications and souvenirs.

Cikita was created by the City Council and the Museum of Gliwice in Gliwice. By 2013, along with other points of this type operating in the Silesian region, the center will be connected in a network-forming region of Silesia Tourist Information System (ŚSIT), which will result in the creation of Poland's largest regional network of tourist information.

More about Cikita at: / center