Update date: 2 February 2010
Author: rafal

"Jurassic Bobolus" Barn in the cave Bobolicach

The Barn on the roost cave-Bobolickiej Mirowsko near the town of Bobolice were found the remains of Neanderthal man, first in Poland. This sensational discovery by a team of researchers at the University of Szczecin, led by Dr Nicholas Urbanowski.
Horse Cave is located on land belonging to the family and Lasecki
is situated between the medieval castles and Bobolice Mirow.

This sensational find is the first of its kind in Poland and one of the most important in Central and Eastern Europe. Neanderthal tooth found clearly contains DNA information allows eg to recognize gender. A tooth found in a cave in the Barn Bobolicach belonged to an individual male.

The first Neanderthal in Poland has already been "baptized" by the children. His name is: "Jurassic Bobolus" Barn in the cave Bobolice.