Update date: 31 January 2010
Author: rafal

Thomas Morgenstern trains in the Vistula

One of the best athletes of the world - Thomas Morgenstern resigned from the flight in Oberstdorf for training in the Vistula River. "Morgi" looking for form ahead of the Olympics in Vancouver on the hill in Malinka. Austrian, Polish arrived on Thursday, January 28 morning to train until Sunday (31 January).
- "This is my first visit to the Vistula and the Szczyrk. I really like it here, in the interval between each workout I was in the gallery Malysz, and I am impressed with this place. Besides, I have little opportunity to explore, because the training is intense. Only the hotel and jump" - said the Austrian, who along with coach Heinz Kuttinem decided to grind the form before the Olympic Games in Vancouver is in the Beskid Mountains. - "I've heard a lot of good jumps in the Vistula River, in the summer I wanted to test it. Now is the opportunity for the last przedolimpijskie training. Wisla It not only looks impressive, but also a great jump on it. I'm going to come back in the summer," - said Thomas Morgenstern .

On the evening of the popular training "Morgiego" came a lot of people.
- "It's a surprise for me. Like Poland, a very good feeling here. At every step, meet with supporters and sympathy for competitions in Poland was always waiting with impatience. It would be great if the World Cup with summer to the river, because there is a beautiful The modern, which already has a very good reputation in the environment of jumpers. I keep my fingers crossed for it "- Thomas Morgenstern said.

On Friday, "Morgi" Wisla jumped far beyond the 130 landed regular metro. Kuttin coach is very happy with the time spent on training in Poland. - "We are here to test the suit and ski jumping refine, prepare for the Olympics. The form of Thomas is stable, it goes up" - enjoyed a former coach of Adam, with whom he came to the Polish popular "Morgi.
The fans rooting for faithfully accompanied jumper in terningu - "It's very nice that people at every step with us. Their presence on training helps create similar conditions to those during the competition" - admitted Kuttin Heitz.
Austrian ski jumper to jump to jump, he felt increasingly confident in the ski jump in Wisła Malinka.
- "This is a specific object, there is no such a profile like other modern ski jumps, a very interesting place. Thomas very well jump in here, you will still come back here" - he declared Kuttin.

Conversations with Thomas Morgenstern and Heinz Kuttinem conducted Catherine Koczwara, a reporter working with the Gazetącodzienną.pl and "Echo of the Vistula." Strony Thursday's and Friday's workout authorship can be found at: