Update date: 28 January 2010
Author: rafal

The opening event venue in Hungary Hill

In the center of Hungary's hills (the twentieth anniversary of the Housing Second Republic) was a modern sports hall. February 12, 2010., Will be the grand opening. Ceremony the mayor of Hungary Mr. Peter Hill Tyrlika start at 11:00. A characteristic feature of the event will match top-notch volleyball.
Hall is presented in impressive manner. In the audience is nearly 300 seats and 100 standing. Four locker rooms, coaching rooms, judges and a special dressing room for the disabled full-size pitch for basketball, volleyball and handball.

The object has dimensions of 50.2 to 33.8 to 14.5 meters and is doing impressive both outside and inside. Polyurethane seamless flooring in the hall is a rectangle measuring 22 to 44 feet, the ceiling is over 10 meters. In addition to artificial lighting provides a glass facade north, at which the ladder is installed. There was also a climbing wall. The total area of the building is 3 819 square meters and the volume is 29 878 cubic meters. Everything is done to the inhabitants lived in hills of Hungary and lived better here.

The construction claimed 11 955 386 zł. It is partly financed from the European Regional Development Fund under the Regional Operational Programme of Silesia in 2007-2013. and the Development Fund for Physical Culture and Tourism Ministry of Sport. Created in selecting the winner, in just less than two years has carried the hall made by the architects of Jaworze.

After the opening, which will take place on February 12, Hall will be made available to residents, there will be organized games, tournaments, and the grouping human and conditioning camps for sports teams. Here, too, will move Promotion Centre Municipal Hungary Hill.

- Construction of the hall was an urgent need in our community. We have every year an increasing number of participants in sporting events organized by the Centre for the Promotion of the community, work here involved with the sport associations and organizations that operate thriving sports clubs. The nearest full-sized hall was localized so far in Zywiec and Bielsko. Now we have it in place - has a Vice Mayor Marian Kurowski. Wieslaw Bednarz, the inspector responsible for the accomplishment of the Office of Municipal projects funded from extrabudgetary funds believes that the hall will increase the tourist attraction in the municipality. But not only.

- The construction of such a powerful sports facility primarily will affect the quality of life for our citizens, improve their health and fitness, enrich and diversify the possibility of spending free time, which will increase their satisfaction with the fact that the Hungarian community living in the Hill - adds Wieslaw Bednarz. The sports hall is another element of the comprehensive development of tourism infrastructure and sports in the community. There has arisen over the boulevards Sola, it takes continued construction of walking paths, the next pitch will be built in each sołectwach (Monkfish, Cięcina), and for some time in the face of anglerfish have ski jumps. These are just a few examples of the numerous projects in this direction.

Program of the event:

hours.: 11:00 official part

  • welcoming the guests
  • occurrence of the Hungarian mayor Peter Hill Tyrlika
  • grand opening and dedication of the object
  • Thank ceremony
  • Occasional speeches
  • Tour facility

hours.: 12:00 Part sports

  • President's Cup match of the Silesian Association of Volleyball between the table leader extraklasy ALUPROF BKS Bielsko-Biala and MKS Dąbrowa Mining (3rd place) - unofficial league final with "scraps of paper, including: Anna Baranski, typified Eleanor, Catherine shells, Dorothy Świeniewicz, Natalia Bamber, Magdalena Sliwa, Catherine Gajgał
  • Tournament Cup, the mayor of Hungary Hill in Volleyball

The artistic part:
  • at the opening of the hall will include: regional teams, a brass band, dance groups, bands, Mountain cheerleaders Hooligans
  • social events - an exhibition of photographs depicting the construction of a aut.Tomasza Ziolkowski