Update date: 13 January 2010
Author: rafal

Competition "Polish beauty"

Minister for Regional Development has announced the third edition of "Poland is becoming nicer - 7 Wonders of European Funds. Organizers are waiting for notification of 15 February. We invite you to participate in the contest!
The competition aims to select the best projects, implemented with co-financing from European funds. Importantly, these projects are to be aimed at increasing the attractiveness of tourist and cultural Polish.

Major prizes are awarded in seven categories:
• Redevelopment (urban, and post-military, usable space);
• Monument;
• Promotional product (eg, publishing, website, promotional campaign);
• Tourist facility (eg hotel, restaurant, museum, convention center);
• Active tourism (eg cycle paths, waterways, hiking trails, recreational parks, sports facilities);
• Cross-border tourism and international;
• Rural areas (eg tourism, tourist services, rural revitalization and objects porolniczych).

Silesian region highly embarrassing in the competition. In the previous edition of the project "Programme for the development and promotion of tourism and cultural Beskidzka 5" won the top prize in the category "Product Promotion" and a nomination in the category of "Redevelopment" has received the Museum in Gliwice for the creation of Cultural Information Centre and the Regional Education in a renovated castle Piast.
The 2008 in the category "Promotion" project won the "Design Alive! Design Gallery Live. "In the same category, the nomination has won the project" Cyberfolklor - quail folklore and folk art of the Polish-Slovak border in the internet and photography. "The Castle Museum Pless received a nomination in the category" Monument "for the refurbishment of the castle complex, and Silesia Network for the design performed by the Silesian Castle of Art and Enterprise in Cieszyn been nominated in the category "Event".

The competition rules and registration form are available in the attachment and on the websites of Poland even more beautiful and Smartlink , which is a company that is hosting a contest on behalf of the ministry.

The completed form should be sent via snail mail and e-mail:
Bureau of Competition "Polish beauty - 7 Wonders of European Funds
ul. Mickiewicza 3 / 10
60-833 Poznan

For shipment can include materials illustrating the project (photos - up to 10 sheets, films, publications, presentations, etc.). The deadline for applications is 15 February 2010

Any explanation given at the Competition Bureau Manager
Carolina Dolata
Tel / Fax: 61 849 90 41
Mobile: 605 517 009