Update date: 3 December 2009
Author: rafal

Prestigious award for the "Memorial to the Polish"

Prestigious award for Beaty Legierski - lace top second place in the category "Tradition" is another prestigious award, which was awarded derived from Koniakow Beata Legierski in organized to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Foundation CEPELIA competition for the "Memorial to the Polish."

  • Jerzy Biernat, President of the Jury - The Association of Polish Artists,
  • Dr. Adam Czyzewski - State Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw
  • Anna Filipowicz-Frost - The Foundation CEPELIA Polish Art and Crafts,
  • Bozena Big-Head - The Association of Folk Artists,
  • Adam Mikolajczyk - Brief for Poland,
  • Cezary Molski - Polish National Tourist Office

assessed in terms of memorabilia contributed originality, aesthetics, and
marketing for the promotion of Polish culture and Polish.

The jury in assessing the proposals drew attention to the fact that the souvenirs promoting Poland and arouse interest in Polish culture, referring to her wealth and traditions and that have a unique character, they are functional and compact overall dimensions, and their design technology enables a production car.

Up to 477 people have joined the competition, submitting 894 jobs. The jury awarded no first prize and, in the categories of "Tradition" and "Inspiration" award second and third prizes. The winning works are characterized by a diversity of themes and techniques of performance and a wide range of ideas and their unconventionality in the category of "Inspiration" and a high artistic level and
ability to use traditional craft techniques in the category "Tradition".

Honorary patronage over the contest Minister of Culture and National Heritage
Zdrojewski. The partners of the competition are Polish Tourist Organisation, the Association
Polish Artists, Mazowieckie voivodship government, the Association
Folk Artists and the National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw.

Pleased by the fact, and won the award in the competition also coming from Justin Koniakow Łodzińska (nee Ruck) for the ceramic baby.

Laureatkom Congratulations!

Source:, www.kulturaludowa.p l