Update date: 2 December 2009
Author: rafal

End of the museum by Hans Kloss

Hans Kloss Museum in Katowice on 1 January 2010. cease to exist.
From 1 January 2010, the Museum will be closed by Hans Kloss in Katowice, which according to the owner - Piot Owcarza - it was sort of an attempt to adapt to the Polish western trends in the field of pop culture. However, creating a superhero in today's reality, based on an old master, did not bring the desired result, despite the fact that within a few months sold five thousand. tickets, and interest in the museum showed both the media and visitors themselves.
According to the article by Mr Michael Wronski from the Official West: The decision to close the museum also affected the issue of recent changes in the law, and specifically adopted in September amendments in the Penal Code, assuming that the production and possession for distribution of materials promoting the content of totalitarian, fascist as well as the content of any media will threaten the Communist to two years in prison. The only question is where to begin promoting the prohibited content? - That the author did not designate the amendment. A museum can be found Hans Kloss silicone figures dressed in replica uniforms from the German World War II, from the same period of propaganda posters and others similar collections.
Thus, it appears that once again we are witnessing a situation in which Polish law impedes the activities of institutions, which often bring innovation to our market and the uniqueness of tourism.

By the end of December this year, the museum will be open, except holidays.

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