Update date: 30 November 2009
Author: rafal

Guide for Motorcyclists by Jura Cracow - Czestochowa

Riding on a motorbike lovers lived to travel publications covering the northern part of our province - Jura. Soon will be a new guide to the Jurassic of the Cracow - Czestochowa. Motorcycling in Jura Poland Krakow - Czestochowa.
The publication includes a description of nearly a thousand objects of which one fifth are tourist facilities personally tested against the expectations of the motorcyclist. A guide specifically designed for motorcycle enthusiasts, which informs the ways we ride to have the saddle to enjoy the scenery of the Jury, not forgetting about security. The guide contains information about the roads in the jury of the most dangerous, requiring special attention.
The publication will be interested not only motorcyclists, but other enthusiasts, which are close to the place of Jewish culture that is, objects, the fortifications, windmills, lime kilns, places connected with railways, fire, industrial and post-industrial landscape.
If you would like to go to Paris without leaving Polish, Huta Katowice visit and see the world's largest hat, if the curious village in which there is no electricity, water and phone and dreams of a walk Avenue of Elvis Presley - Welcome to Jura!
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