Update date: 30 November 2009
Author: rafal

Model of the new seat of the Silesian Museum in the Regional IT Centre

Its new building of the Silesian Museum in Katowice RCIT

In the Regional Tourist Information Centre in Katowice, you can see a model new siedzyby Silesian Museum. Work has begun on building a new museum, which dates from the completion of 2012.

Project implemented by the Regional Government of Silesia includes the construction of new headquarters of the Silesian Museum in a former coal mine, "Katowice".
In the international competition of selected urban architectural draft prepared by the Austrian studio Riegler Riewe Architekten ZT-Ges. mb H from Graz, who in their assumptions, assumes that all floors of the main building will be underground. Above the surface will only glass towers with fill underground exposures, so the historic buildings, old mine, although located in the depths of the land will not be obscured by a new edifice.

The project is implemented under the Regional Operational Programme of Silesia.
Estimated value of the task: 324,271,175 zł, including:

* EU funding: 225 485 655 zł,
* Silesian Voivodeship measures: 98785520 zł.