Update date: 24 November 2009
Author: rafal

Opening the gallery Zmiękczalnia

The new facility in the provincial department of cultural institutions - the Museum of Coal Mining in Zabrze

In the area of the Mining Museum "Queen Louise" in Zabrze, 27 November at godz.17: 00 will be open gallery "Zmiękczalnia. While retaining the original elements of industrial architecture, the museum will also offer space for the exhibitions which are inherent to the nature of a remarkable place, which is "Królowa Louise."
"Zmiękczalnia" is a facility built in 1916 on the site of the water tower. It featured a device for softening the water used for steam production. Above the building once stood a tower, on top of which was mounted a rectangular water tank. Preserved to this day the tank was used the chlorination of water. installation used for the 70s century

Opening "Zmiękczalni" exhibit trailer will feature "Women MINE" presents photos taken by Arkadiusz Gola. Opening of the exhibition in full installment will be held in the Museum of Coal Mining on Dec. 8, 2009 at godz.12: 00

Artist of the year looks at life in Silesia photojournalist eye. Born in Ruda Slaska, since 1996 is related to the "Dziennik Zachodni." Previously worked for the Voice of Zabrze and Ruda Slaska. " He is currently a student of ITF (Institute Tvurci photographs) in Opava. He has won numerous awards in photographic competitions, this time proposing pictures formidable ladies. Series of portraits made in the coal mines in Upper Silesia in the years 2007 - 2009 is a set of photographs that are taken for long in the memory. It is worth to come and look into the eyes of these women, especially since, as the author himself says, "will shortly be the time that in heavy physical work in positions of women will not work at all, just as it did several years ago with women working in the mine underground. " The photographs document the reality of today's changing the industry in Upper Silesia - faithfully record Interior processing plants, lamp, dispatching, markowni Katowice Coal Holding Mines and Coal Company.