Update date: 2 November 2009
Author: rafal

Highland cooking

On Wednesday, 28 October, Dankowicach near Bielsko-Biala was held on 8th edition of the District Competition "Culinary Heritage." In this year's event for the first time attended by guests from abroad - the Slovaks. When reviewing your culinary skills showcased as many as 36 teams, mainly circles of rural areas.The Commission assessed the food competition in five categories: soups, hot dishes, products, cakes and desserts, soft drinks and liqueurs. The main evaluation criteria were flavor and originality in the use of farm products, the origin and history of food and aesthetics of its administration.

The results of the committee are as follows:
1. In the soup category awarded:
- I place the wheels Pensioners and Invalids No. 8 in the thin Jaworze jewę with potatoes and the szpyrkami
- Second place for KGW Rybarzowice for horseradish soup with sausage
- Third place for KGW Bestwina for soup and bread for KGW Pisarzowice mushroom soup noodles pancake
- Awards for KGW Kaniów for bean soup with croutons, KGW Roztropice for Moczkę chicken, peas KGW Bielowicko for the pieczkami and KGW Meszna
for soup, "old fashioned" with kwaczką.

2. In the category of hot dishes that were granted:
- Two equal and of the KGW Bestwinka the ribs in honey with cabbage and mushrooms, and KGW Dankowice the rolls of the neck in a savoy cabbage salad with horseradish
- Second place for KGW Wilamowice hunting for a roast with noodles and salad and the Flemish for Sukromnej Stredne odbornej školy EDUCO Namestovo for spicy roast the pig slaughter
- Third place for KGW Kalna for pork bellies with fruit and a Circle of Pensioners and the Disabled No. 15 in Szczyrk the ham after beskidzku
- Awards for KGW Janowice for breaded carp with potato salad, roll KGW Rybarzowice for pork chops with apple salad with cabbage and sauce, Regional Team "Jawor" for żymloki with sauerkraut from the barrel and szpyrkami, KGW Goats
for bajcowaną Roast pork with potatoes and cabbage, and KGW Grodziec
for żebroczkę

3. In the category of the product was granted:
- Place for KGW No. 1 in Jaworze for pate of wild birds "Baldy" with cranberry sauce with horseradish sauce and cranberry horseradish
- Second place for KGW Kobiernice for ham grandfather
- Third place for KGW Old City for a fresh bacon cooked in beer with horseradish and mustard, and KGW Wilkowice for the bacon roll beskidzku
- Awards for KGW Komorow for pork with apricots and herbs cooked by steaming (the nearest hospital) and KGW Porąbka cutlet stuffed with scrambled eggs for the mushroom, KGW Godziszka for kapuśniaczki

4. In the category of cakes and desserts were granted:
- Place for KGW No. 1 Jawor for peanut cake
- Second place for KGW Bielowicko for croissants, and my grandmother for KGW Bystra szchownicę
- Third place for KGW Wieszczęta the rill with butter and KGW Wilamowice for the buttermilk cake with pears
- Awards for KGW No. 2 Jawor for apple strudel, KGW Hecznarowice
for the plum cake and buttermilk KGW Buczkowice for hives with cream

5. In the category of drinks and liqueurs were granted:
- Place for KGW Bujaków for spruce-pine liqueur
- Second place for the Circle of Pensioners and the Disabled No. 15 in Szczyrk the tincture rowan Kaniowka Mary and the Association for the tincture of red plums
- Third place for KGW Zasole Bielańskie for herbal tincture and KGW Mazańcowice for piołunówkę
- Award for Sukromnej Stredne odbornej školy EDUCO of Namestova
for blueberry liqueur, for the Society of Friends Ligota for tincture of quince and KGW for the Land Between the lower cytrynówka Sołtyski Maryla

A special award the Mayor Bielski - reimbursement of travel costs at the Silesian Cuisine Festival "Silesian Tastes," organized by the Silesian Tourist Organization has received Jawor KGW No. 1 for the wild deer stewed in cream sauce, potato dumplings, red cabbage.

During the Review, invited guests and participants present time umilały teams: Team Regional "Dankowianie from Dankowice and Spevack Folklorna Skupina ORAVA from Dolny Kubin, and Mrs. Margaret Kiereś, who conducted the ceremonies. The next edition of the event next year. Welcome!

The event was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and from the state budget of the CBC Programme Poland - Slovak Republic 2007-2013 Fri Overview of the Polish-Slovak "Culinary Heritage" - cultivating the tradition of the border area.