Update date: 14 October 2009
Author: rafal


Welcome to the conferences to promote the Province of Silesia in Katowice and as a place for business meetings.
In 2009, the possibility of accommodations in Katowice hotels nearly doubled, from July in the city working professional Convention Bureau, and the preparation
the construction of the International Convention Centre in Katowice (MCC) in the final stage.
Under the EU project "Conducting the campaign business tourism product Katowice, whose goal is to create the convention center in Katowice, the biggest trade fairs in the country will be conferences, showing the possibilities and potential that lies dormant in the meetings industry Katowice and the whole province of Silesia.
The meeting will bring the plans for the ICC, which will be combined with the Katowice Spodek. In total, the center of the objects will be able to accommodate at one time more than 15 000 people!
The organizer of the conference on behalf of the City Office in Katowice is landbrand company.
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Welcome to the conference!

Fair Tour Salon, 23 October Room 1, Pavilion 9, hours. 11.00-13.00,
BTF Fair, 05 November Room B, first floor, EXPO XXI, 11.00-13.00