Update date: 8 October 2009
Author: rafal

Vote for the Bison enclosure and locking Ogrodzieniec!

The winners of the Certificate of POT have already been chosen - the official results will be available at tourist fairs in Poznan Tour Salon. However, today we invite you to vote for the best Polish tourist product of Internet users. Did they cover types with a decision of the jury appointed by the POT?
Organized by the Polish Tourist Organization and "Holiday's" Allegro Internet Group plebiscite is a continuation of the contest for the best tourism product in 2009. Internet users, reported out by the Regional Tourism Organisations of tourism products, choose your best tourist product. This product is - apart from prestige - Internet users receive a special certificate and a prize in a promotional campaign on portals Allegro Group. Organizers anticipate a reward for voting in the contest.

Vote for the Bison Farm in Pless and Castle Ogrodzieniec in Podzamcze.