Update date: 26 August 2009
Author: rafal

We know the candidates for the Certificate of POT!

On Monday, Aug. 24, debated chapter of the regional stage of the competition for the Best Tourist Product 2009. After a stormy and lengthy deliberations Silesian candidates selected to receive the Certificate of Polish Tourist Organization.
The chapter chose the nominees Silesian Polish Tourist Organisation reported as many as 17 out of travel products.

Since the report was very diverse, not without a lengthy discussion. In the end, a compromise was reached, and selected two products.

Silesian phase of the competition winners for the Best Tourist Product, while our candidates for the Certificate of POT are:

- Castle Ogrodzieniec - Enchanted history in stone
- Demonstration Farm Bison in a historic park Pszczyna - "Explore the world of King of the forest"

Congratulations to all participants, and for the nominees to stage nationwide today keep our fingers crossed. Announcement of the results of the nationwide competition will take place in October. during Tour Salon tourist fairs in Poznan.

* * *
The jury assessed the following travel products:
- Castle Ogrodzieniec in Podzamcze - Enchanted history in stone
- Krakow Bishops Castle - Princes Siewieskich in Siewierz
- Demonstration Farm Bison in a historic park Pszczyna - "Explore the world of King of the forest"
- Game Night Principe, "Where were hidden pearls Daisy?" played in Pszczyna
- Camps trails - "Summer Workshop on ecological reserves Żywiecki Landscape Park
- Bread Museum School and major in Radzionkow
- Historic Silver Mine in Tarnowski Gory
- Beskidzka 5
- Koszęcin - "Lock opened"
- Koszęcin - "Feast of Silesia"
- Tripoint - a place on the border of the PL-SK-CZ
- MTB Beskydy - the establishment and promotion of cross-border mountain biking trails (Phase 1 and 2)
- Places of tourist development, "Principe Mountain" in Radzionkow
- Culinary Arts Festival "Avenue of Good Taste" held in Czestochowa
- Gajówka Farm Health and Beauty Fascinations Nature
- The ski jump in Wisła Malinka them. Adam Malysz
- "Beer Talks over Tyskie ie after naszymu about our" - Tychy Brovarium