Update date: 6 July 2009
Author: rafal

Silesian qualifying competition for a Certificate of POT started!

We invite you to participate in the regional stage of the competition for "Best Tourist Product - Certificate of Polish Tourist Organization." On the closing date for submissions until 15 August.
Who will win a certificate POT?

Participants can submit events, events, facilities, trails and all areas of the Silesia region, which falls within the definition of the tourism product *.

In previous editions of the competition among distinguished by the POT of tourism products were, among others. Zabrze - a city of tourism and industrial cyclical event - Festival "Silesian Tastes and Beskid Culture Week. Also received a Certificate of Monuments of Technology, which in addition in 2008 was considered the best tourist product in the country and awarded the Gold Certificate Polish Tourist Organization. Will future tourism products Silesia repeat this success? It also depends on you.

Silesian Tourist Organisation is waiting for suggestions for tourism products, which are to take part in the contest until mid-August. Can declare them local governments and economic, regional and local tourism organizations, institutions and developers of tourism products, tourism associations and foundations, and businesses and tour operators.
Entry form and contest rules are available in the annexes below.
Applications must be sent by mail ( or mail (Silesian Tourist Organisation, ul. Mickiewicza 29, 40-085 Katowice).

Three tourist products, which will be reported to a national stage, he will choose - appointed by the Board SOT - Chapter Contest. Jury decision will be announced in early September.

We invite you to joint action to promote the Silesian region of positive energy!

Information on the regional stage of the competition gives Barbara Salamon-Szympruch ( , Tel: 032 207 207 1).

* The tourist product:
  • The event - characterized by a large thematic coherence, organization, and specific locus in time and space.
  • Party - made up of several services or material goods (things) offered by tour operators.
  • Object - is characterized by one main attraction (the service), plus several accompanying services concentrated in one place (the site) with the point of view of cartographic-off.
  • Trail - consists of multiple sites or objects associated with a superior idea, interconnected demarcated, usually marked route.
  • The area - inside the complex set of designated elements due to its specific location in space, characterized by values of tourism.
Criteria for the substance of the declaration are as follows:
1. The attractiveness of the tourism product in terms of tourism (Chapter of the member's own assessment based on professional experience in tourism)
2. The impact of the phenomenon of seasonality (date and length of operation of the product during the year)
3. Availability, diversity, consistency tourist tourism product in the tourism market in the country and abroad (the degree of commercialization of tourism products)
4. Efficiency of financial engineering for product development (including the diversity of sources and methods of financing, the size of investment)
5. The dynamics of tourism related to the tourist product
6. Compliance with the Polish marketing strategy and regional programs to develop tourism products
7. The operation and the prospects for further development (including issues of ownership, management, collaboration - sieciowość)
8. Generate economic development area of the tourist product
9. Prepare a formal proposal.