Update date: 26 June 2009
Author: rafal

Standing medieval castle in Bedzin

The three towers, curtain wall with a drawbridge, including stalls for such activities can enrich the architectural Będzin Castle Hill. Project unique in the whole country will be implemented precisely in Bedzin.

The new shape of the Hill will gain an unusual appearance - on the al. Kołłątaja silhouette of the castle will be restored to the Lower, the peripheral wall and tower of the castle gates. The concept also provides for superstructures of the western outer walls, the restoration of the southern outer walls, the construction of three towers: bramnej, residential and city gates.- The task "Preserving cultural heritage and cultural achievements Basin" will begin next year - says the mayor Radoslaw Ram - Most of the projects we have completed. Have been developed including "The concept of reconstruction of the Lower Castle in Bedzin together with the adjacent area", also made the project construction - the Executive, "Repair and illumination in the area of the city walls and streets Modrzejowskiej attack." Momentum with which we approach the project may envy lovers, not only locks in the country.

Taken construction project executive, "an adaptation of security and underground będzińskich" (2008). Is developing a construction project - executive, "Restoration of the park on Castle Hill with little infrastructure and architecture." In addition, the project created in construction and reconstruction of the Executive on the Castle Hill of the communication system including the implementation of tourism infrastructure. Bridge construction project on the Black Przemsza will be made later this year. The final element of the project is the amphitheater, which will be linked by bridge to the powerful castle on the other side. The first reactions of residents, including będzińskich association members got to know the originators of the reconstruction of public consultation.

The unusual "concept in the reconstruction of Lower Castle Bedzin together with the adjacent area" was presented at the meeting of the sub-project "Preservation of cultural heritage and cultural achievements Basin." In City Hall June 25. designers of the "Authors' Workshop arch Maciej Małachowicza" presented results of their project work commissioned by the City Council in Bedzin.

- The task was extremely difficult. It is not possible faithful reconstruction of old buildings with great care but resisted on the results of archaeological excavations conducted on the Castle Hill - one of the designers says dr. Matt arch Małachowicz - prepared by our project has the characteristics of educational reconstruction. Trace the results of previous archaeological research and based on not taking up the project is carried out rarely. I think it's a charming experiment. Będzin has extraordinary scenic and beautifully presented to emphasize them in our project of the Lower Castle. This place will be even more picturesque.

It is assumed that by 2013 there will be new features introduced by the economic, tourist and recreational Castle Hill. Fitting Hills can become one of the biggest attractions of the region including through the use of unique in the region of the Castle, the historic city walls, extension and management of the Lower Castle and the Castle Hill access to the underworld. The overall cost of implementation will be about 20 million zł.

The project aims to preserve for future generations, historical and cultural heritage Basin. Reconstruction of Castle Hill will also create a space dzin organization of cultural events and music with an international and national. Będzin carries a further five projects supported by EU funds. Two of the Economic Gates Silesia, bicycle path created within the project "Center for summer sports and water - Pogoria" also is planned for the project "European industrial heritage - Cement Grodziec and broadband network in the sub-project" Development of Information Society in the Basin Dabrowski - Będzin Municipality. "
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