Update date: 24 June 2009
Author: rafal

Silesia at your fingertips

Finishes another phase of brand promotion of the region

4 June. Regional campaign ended with the tourism product of the Silesian Voivodeship "Silesian. At your fingertips. " Its aim was to encourage people to travel through the region and introduce them to the tourist offer of Silesia.

Password "Silesia. At hand "and four campaign themes could be seen in the regional television stations, in newspapers, on public transport buses, billboards, citylightach, in a special mailing, we also hear the radio spot aired in more than a dozen local stations. Specifically for the campaign launched a website, which is a tool that combines all the activities. The site contains details of the campaign and run competitions. By the end of the campaign registered 15 thousand. visits.
The campaign was carried out "Great Competition", which consists in visiting tourist attractions and collecting stamps. Among the many attractions of the Silesian elected thirty boards, representing tourism: a sacred, active, cultural and industrial. The list of sites placed on the map, which went to residents. Those interested can also download it from the website of the campaign, it also contains in a single weekend edition of the Journal of the West. " The competition was very popular and it was a good opportunity to meet many diverse attractions of the region of Silesia. The winner, drawn out by lot from among the participants who managed to collect the maximum number of stamps, was Anna Magdalena Kmak from Gliwice. Other awards - two weekend trips - went to Michael Wos from Gliwice and Barbara Korchak-Wroblewska from Czestochowa. Most stamps were distributed in the Provincial Park of Culture and Recreation, the Sports Valley Dolomites, Czestochowa Museum and Skansen Iron Ore Mining "Queen Louise."

Residents were given the opportunity to visit the tourist attractions of the Silesian virtually, thanks to specially created for the campaign, the computer game "Silesian. At your fingertips. " The game was available on the website and during promotional events, in 12 shopping centers in the region. At each event, the participants had the opportunity to "play in Silesia." Everyone agrees to take part in the game, handed out promotional package of guides to the region, and a computer game. Players with the highest scores were given digital cameras. Events in the shopping malls were very popular. Overall in the game at all events attended by over 700 people.

Photo contest was also conducted. To take part in it had to show the tourist facilities in accordance with the idea of the campaign - to photograph them so that they are literally at your fingertips. " Participants of fun to put their pictures on the contest website. Received 610 photos and 317 of them were qualified for the competition. The author of Luke was the best photographs of them wash Siemianowice Slaskie.

The news conference wrapping up a campaign of tourism products attending Deputy Zbyszek Zaborowski. For strategy, creative and campaign execution company was responsible Business Consulting Sp. z oo in Katowice.