Update date: 18 June 2009
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The underground journey

First endarterectomy windows, and then combine Guido, Sough and Louise

Rafting boat underground route, combined with a visit to the flood wave in a land port. Ride the old Scenic Railroad or poring through an underground tunnel corridor, and even hand-mining of coal - such attractions are waiting for tourists who visit for the three main key Sough in Zabrze.
In two weeks will begin the first phase of work - clearing the shaft Carnall the Skansen Queen Louise. Beneath it is also was one of the three inputs to the great, underground passageways. The other two are at the intersection of Charles and the Jagiellonian University and Miarka Street. Sienkiewicz.

Opening the shaft Carnall is the first part of a large co-financed by the EU project "European Cultural Centre of the Technical and Industrial Tourism", which is to connect the historic coal mine Guido, the main key Sough and Queen Louise mining museum in one tourist attraction. For now, officials do not know on what terms they find under the earth, windows will be drilled to a depth of 52 m and an underground corridor will have a further 50 m in length. Still, a very count on the fact that during the work, find the real treasures.

- The older of the two tunnel corridors should be original oak lute from the 20s and 30 Nineteenth century. Oak behaves very well and preserves in humid conditions. We are counting on the underground elements of the port, an interesting tool in the sidewalk in liaison board 509 and a well-preserved field supplies - said Tomasz Bugaj from the Department of City Development Strategy and UM. - This is what we find under the ground, should fill and I'm sure we will use as tourist attractions - promises.

In 2012, tourists will also visit Coal Valley, a large, interactive science park.

- Valley aims to be a great attraction for children and adolescents. There will be a division into so-called. Theme of the island. Tourists can see the forest carboniferous in 3D will take the fingerprints of the coal, they learn to operate the crusher, or remaining on the surface of the simulator will arrive at the level of 1000 meters - says Anna Wieczorek from Zabrze magistrate. All underground route will be adjusted to the age and physical capabilities of tourists.

author: Maria Olech - POLAND Dziennik Zachodni

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