Update date: 9 June 2009
Author: rafal

IV Festival "Silesian Tastes" for us

Another scene in the region, most tasty festival took place on Sunday, June 7 Pszczyna. Culinary competition and a performance star of the evening - Team "Śląsk" attracted real crowds.
A record number of teams competing in the contest attracted thousands of eager culinary tastes good inhabitants of the region and visitors from other regions.
23 teams competed for the title of Expert Tastes Slaskie in large tent erected in the park Pszczyna. Their exploits can be seen also on a huge stage set in large outdoor screen.

When the contestants pichcili their spectacular dishes, performed on stage guests - Big Band, Cabaret Masztalscy, Samokhin Band and the band area.

Had their hands full of the jury, which sat representatives of the Silesian Culinary Group, known and liked Joan Bartel, an expert in the kitchen and Hanna Szymanderska winner the previous three festivals - Lidia Gray with KGW in Ornontowicach. Under the watchful eye of chairman of the jury, Arthur Kupczyk from the Silesian Culinary Group, the jury cost of all prepared dishes - there were a total of up to 69! Selection of winners was so challenging. Finally, after calculating jurorskich votes, the winners were selected.

Competition results:


I place - KGW Kobiernice
  • croissants "heaven in my mouth"
  • kwaśnicorka and smoked
  • nadziewaczka duck, gray-white Kluch modra kapucha
Second place - KGW Wisla United
  • Pszczyńska kick "the copies"
  • broccoli cream
  • roulade of venison, red cabbage dumplings fusiate bacon
Third place - KGW Oswiszcze
  • croquettes stuffed with onion Chrusty
  • chicken broth with swojskimi nudlami
  • roast duck stuffed with vegetables with sauce, noodles and red and white cabbage


I place - Two Kilerów (Qubus Hotel Katowice)
  • hekele on toast wholemeal bread recipe traditional
  • gooseberries in the mioduli malcu
  • Puck sour, pork with sauerkraut and Silesia Szalot
Second place - Restaurant "U carrier" Tychy
  • ajerkuch of apfelusem
  • mash with potato gniecionym
  • duck with apple dumplings czorne with young cabbage biołymi dymfowano
Third place - Restaurant "Frykówka" Pszczyna
  • apple pie, "like we have" served with clove
  • Bochnia bread soup with mushrooms
  • Adam's rib served with baked potatoes, fried cabbage surrounded with mushrooms
The last element of the event was expected by all of the performance group "Śląsk" im. Stanislaus Hadyna.

The entire event led by Darius Niebudek, and organizers were Silesian Tourist Organization, City Pszczyna Pszczyna and Cultural Center.

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Today we invite you to V Festival "Silesian Tastes," which will be held in June 2010 in Janow.