Update date: 8 June 2009
Author: rafal

Industrial landscape of Upper Silesia in the lithographs from the mid-nineteenth century

The sale appeared in postcards with reproductions of lithographs known, Kowarski, nineteenth-century publishing house Riedel & Knippel, representing the views of the Upper Silesia industrial plants. These are probably the only surviving images of the nascent industry in Upper Silesia, formed shortly before the advent of photography.
Postcards can be purchased at the Museum in Gliwice, which has in its collection a large collection of lithographic printing house said, the city of Upper Silesia and industrial facilities. Even today, they are, thanks to its advantages, cognitive, historical, and artistic inspiration for the publishers.
Postcards from litografiami Riedel & Knippel's views of industrial Upper Silesia and Opole are available at the Museum in Gliwice, and also in selling.

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