Update date: 5 June 2009
Author: rafal

Mom, Dad, let's play Wisla!

Dad, Mom let's go here! Just a few days the children call their parents in the Vistula River. What is it? Children got a game that was released in recent days by the Friends of the City of Vistula Imko Wisełka. By playing, children learn cartons town playing a popular game in the vapor - a memo, then you may set the place to visit while walking with her parents. Toy can be obtained from the Tourist Information Centre in the Vistula River.

The motive for the game is legendary knight Imko Wisełka, who had been banished from the court of the Duke of Cieszyn and settled in a wild wiślańskich wilderness forests and valleys of the Vistula River. As the first inhabitants of this area gave rise to subsequent sediment transport. He presents the greatest attractions of the Vistula, and encourages them to visit and a better understanding.
In cartons of the game have been placed, food, characters and attractions of the Vistula. Young tourists through the game, they know that the Vistula is a specific place as the President's Palace, rocks at Cone, a gallery or Adma Malysz jump to Malinka. In addition, there are pancakes made of whether the szpyrkami Beskid Culture Week and the Rally of Vistula river. The game is a real guide with pictures of the city - says Paul Brągiel from the Association of Friends of the Vistula River City Imko Wisełka - How do I know the children are easier to reach just such a way. Perhaps a small consolation the following day guided tour of his parents on the Vistula River.

The game was designed for young tourists, which is currently growing. The Vistula in the current year come less business groups and training can fill the void, the families with children. It was for them will be created with the package tourist offer for children. Released just a game "Imko Wisełka" is the first element of a comprehensive approach to children who, in the coming years will be among the mainly tourists visiting the city. Children are the future for the Vistula River - Paul adds Brągiel - That's really the children of Polish families begin to decide on the purchase, the nature of the TV, furniture and finishing, where the family eats dinner restaurant. The same is true of the rest. Wisla has the potential for children, although it is not used and properly packaged.

Currently, the association of work is already underway on a comprehensive tourist offer for children and families. The children also created a travel package - a comprehensive range of accommodation facilities, which have special attractions for children, the restaurants with menus for kids, and ending with attractions for children.