Update date: 1 January 0001

The next stage of commercialization of the Trail Monuments

Since October 2008, continues the implementation of the next stage of commercialization of the Trail Monuments. This year's project for the implementation of the Silesian Tourist Organisation invited Squadron MarketPlace involves two parallel activities, which together have strengthened the process of change in the trail.

On the one hand, we shall update the diagnosis Monuments Route, commercial and marketing potential and to prepare a document containing a marketing plan for the PCS for the next year and implementation tools. On the other hand, is working with a team of people responsible for each object in the trail, they become co-creators of Work Plan (Session analytical-descriptive). At a later stage (implemented in 2009) those responsible for places to expand Route necessary skills necessary to implement a marketing plan. Element of the project is also developing key kategoryzacyjnego, which will allow for efficient management and facilitate the development of Route Route through clear rules and standards.

An important objective of the project is that the objects that make up the trail, people who work in them, they contribute to a sense of reality in which they operate, so they can exchange experiences and cooperate more fully.

Analytical part:

  • Description and SWOT analysis
  • reference to the competition (in terms of the offer and geographical area)
  • analysis of attractive alternatives in other pathways
  • development tools (key) kategoryzacyjnego
  • strategic directions of communication
  • develop a marketing plan

Practical part:

The first session of the interactive workshop (21-22 October 2008)
  • consolidation around a purpose, building motivation for joint action
  • Examples of commercialization goals and good practices
  • workshop on innovation in museums
Second session (6 November 2008, the Museum of Energy in the Upper Łaziska)
  • PCS common SWOT analysis and objects of the Road
  • seeking solutions to the weaknesses of objects (teams)
Third session (28 November 2008, Queen Louise Mining Heritage Park in Zabrze)
  • consult a marketing plan
  • Key consultations kategoryzacyjnego
  • generate ideas for joint promotion
summarizing the conference, presenting the strategy of communication, report and diagnosis of further training needs (8 December 2008, Guido Historic Mine in Zabrze)