Haupt-Service - Silesia.travel Terms of Use
Erscheinungsdatum: 1 Januar 2014

Silesia.travel Terms of Use

In order to use the full service resources of slaskie.travel and subsites at beskid.slaskie.travel, jura.slaskie.travel, subregionzachodni.slaskie.travel, metropolia.slaskie.travel, orlegniazda.pl, zabytkitechniki.com, industriada.pl and slaskiesmaki.pl and browse all websites of our Portal, a User can register on the Portal. Registration on the Portal is optional and free.

  1. In order to register on the Portal, the User is obliged to complete the Registration Form posted on the Portal.
  2. By registering on the Portal the User registers on the Forum as well.
  3. The user may change their data included in the Profile at any time by modifying them in their User Profile.
  4. When registering on the Portal, the User is obliged to provide: a User Name, which becomes their login, an access password, an e-mail address and optionally their full name and phone number.
  5. The User may also register their profile on the Portal via Facebook and Twitter.
  6. The User can put in their Profile a graphic image (an avatar), and additional text information about themselves and their destinations.
  7. By creating their own Profile, the User agrees to the recording of their Portal presence and activity statistics by the Administrator (the amount of comments made by the User, forum entries, etc.). The Administrator reserves the right to develop new elements of the statistics.
  8. The User Login will appear whenever the User adds a Comment or posts on the Forum.
  9. The Administrator reserves the right to remove a User Profile, if the personal data provided by the User in the registration form are incorrect or false, or if the User does not activate their account within 7 days from the date of registration.
  10. The User Profile which is not active for a period longer than six months since User's last login may be removed without notice.
  11. The user can request a removal of their Profile after having contacted the Administrator. A removed Profile cannot be restored.
  12. The User agrees to use the User Profile in accordance with the Polish law, social and moral norms and the Terms of Use.
  13. Data collected during registration will be used solely to enable logging in the Portal, as well as sending system notifications about events on the site.
  14. Data collected during the registration process will not be used on other sites and will not be shared with third parties.
  15. Data collected in the correspondence between the Portal Administration and will be used only to respond to the request.
  16. In case of violation of the Terms of Use, violation of law or should they be required by law, User information may be disclosed to the judicial authorities.