Serwis główny - Wooden Architecture Trail
Data dodania: 2 prosince 2013

Wooden Architecture Trail

The Wooden Architecture Trail is a joint initiative of the Provinces of Silesia, Lesser Poland and Podkarpacie. In Silesia it is 1060 km long and includes 92 objects and complexes of wooden architecture: churches, chapels, bell towers, cottages, inns, lodges, hunting lodges, outbuildings (water mill and granaries) in their natural surroundings.

There are also two antique buildings museums on the Trail: the Upper Silesian Ethnographic Park in Chorzów (Muzeum "Górnośląski Park Etnograficzny w Chorzowie") and the Rural Pszczyna Museum (Zagroda Wsi Pszczyńskiej) in Pszczyna.

All the objects of the trail are marked with information boards. In order to make touring easier, the Trail has been divided into several loops:

  • The MainTrail of 326 km, extending through the entire region (with a view to combine the Lesser Poland Province part of the Trail with the proposed trailin the Opole Province) 
  • The Częstochowa Loop (C) 180 km
  • The Gliwice Loop (G) 160 km
  • The Rybnik Loop (R) 130 km
  • The Pszczyna Loop (P)135 km
  • The Beskids Loop (B)120 km

There are 6 master information boards on the intersections. What is more, the Trailis complemented by ethnographic and historical exhibitions in museums in Częstochowa, Gliwice, Żywiec and in the Archdiocese Museum in Katowice, the Regional Old Farm Museum in Ustroń, the Beskidian Museum in Wisła, the Centre of Culture and Regional Education in Koszęcin and the Old Shack Regional Chamber in Milówka.


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