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Run in the Beskydy Mountains-new running routes

Running is more and more interest. We run for health and well-being, to relax from the stress, especially the work-related, to stay close to nature, relax the body and mind, but also to test their strength and opportunities in a friendly, sports competition. Mountain ranges of Beskydy mountains are ideal for this type of recreation. Therefore over the Beskydy!
In the Beskid Żywiecki designated were new tracks. Were created primarily for runners and piechurach, but some of them to taste also mountain bike enthusiasts. Easier and harder, longer and shorter-is what to choose. Obiegał them a local runner Ron, were you afraid of being in on the Polish-Slovak border Ultramaratonu the skinny Lawrence. Among the routes are loops from the famous mountain gear Skinny Lawrence, Wolf Trail, extremely full-bodied and many others that will bring tourists and local runners.
Trace them so that began and ended at one point, where you can leave your car. Have different length and difficulty. Lead the most interesting tracks the region, get caught with an additional point of interest – for those who want something more than a solid training in the mountain scenery. The Ger is easy to reach from many places in Poland thanks to good connections (the route Katowice, Bielsko-Biała, the ring road and the route to Zwardoń), which makes these top extremely attractive for a weekend getaway and a good workout podbiegów and fugitives. For each route you will find a short description, map and profile and link to Garmin Connect. All are available on the website in the section: running routes.
Not everyone can be an amateur running in the mountains or long, long hours. There are those, which will discourage dirt boots, legs, sweat pouring after back on long approaches, summer dokuczające midges, which can create a Halo around the head and does not depart on the step. It's true, with mountains relating to such scenarios. Running in the mountains is difficult, but is not in itself anything from monotony. Surprises and challenges await at every turn, even in places where we were already many times. And time passes differently. When wdrapiesz to the top, be familiar with, that it had been time when decides you eat, it's been 2-3.
Scenic route, marked by encourage to overcome them at any time of the year. The local tracks are so often frequented, that the problem with running should not also be in winter. Usually find someone who wipe it down with alchohol. However, it is worth remembering that when a strong wind on the open areas can be really cold, and the tracks quickly bridges carried gusts of snow.
Skinny Warzyniec

All-terrain running ultra distance 80 km, 50 km and 20 km after routes Polish-Slovak border in the Beskid Żywiecki. The course is organized from 2012 year, what it characterized it quite a challenging formula, without przepaków, without official support, with a small number of points. Time limit to beat the 50 km is exactly the same as on the 80 km (16 hours), which means that on the short route, they have a chance to check out the less experienced players, or totally home games – beginner.
Running a small Rycerzowa is a playful companion Lean Lawrence. Distance 20.5 km and 930 metres podbiegu enough to feel the wind in their hair, salt in the mouth and a strong heart beat.

Date: August 10, 2019
Deadline for submissions: 4 August 2019 using the electronic form available on the website:
Route: hiking trails leads Beskid Żywiecki
The skinny Lawrence – 80 km:
• The exact distance: ok. 82 km
• Height: +/-3400
• Limit the time: 16 hours

The skinny Lawrence-50 km:
• The exact distance: ok. 52km;
• Height: +/-2100 m;
• Limit the time: 16 hours

Small Rycerzowa:
• The exact distance: ok. 20 km
• Height: +/-930 m
• Timeout: 5 hours
The author of the text: Magda Ostrowska
Author photos: Dominik Imielski

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