Data dodania: 25 listopadu 2009
Autor: rafal

Local hero for a month promoting Silesian

For more than a month of work share Local hero and the promotion of interesting places, associations, events, actions in the field of tourism. The project, covering its scope has two region (Lesser Poland and Silesia), aims to bring the tourist visitor to the region, but also ordinary resident of the region's unique places, interesting events, and important initiatives.

The initiators of the entire project for the state of Silesia is Carolyn and Peter Jakoweńko the Gate Foundation in Bedzin Cukermana who passionately took up the promotion of cultural heritage of the region, based on the experiences of the Małopolska province in which the advertising is local hero enjoys great success. But not only in the Lesser. In many European countries can meet a similar initiative, encouraging you to visit the many attractions of the region.
Local hero (local heroes) are a variety of cultural institutions like museums, theaters, operas, as well as tour operators and companies related to the field of tourism.
Information about these locations are shown on the special racks with the logo "local hero" at various points of agglomeration (there are 50) include in Katowice, the Regional Tourist Information Center, Library of Silesian, Upper Silesian Cultural Center and Theatre Korez, in Zabrze in Historic Coal Mine "Guido."

For more information on www.localheroes.pl