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  • Entertainment
    Cinema has a 13 - hundred rooms that hold from 108 to 479 seats, while the total complex of cinema halls can accommodate up to 3,003 people.
  • Entertainment
    Intimate cinema, working in the building of the Municipal Office in Gliwice.
  • Entertainment
    Kino należy do Polskiej Sieci Kin Cyfrowych oraz do Ogólnopolskiej Sieci Kin Studyjnych. Kino spełnia europejski standard dla osób niepełnosprawnych.
  • Entertainment
    The Municipal Theatre in Gliwice was established in 2016 after the transformation of the Gliwice Musical Theater. Theater performances and concerts can be seen on Big and Little Stage located at Nowy Świat Street as well as on Stage at the Ruins of Victoria Theater at Wolności Street, and also on the Fairy Tales Scene located at Dolnych Wałów Street.