Update date: 11 March 2014
Author: Monika

Run under the guidance of professionals in Węgierska Górka!

Running from year to year is gaining more and more popularity. Systematic running, as a form of recreation is a versatile way to extend physical performance and longer life. The advantage of this form of exercise is that it can grow in almost any conditions. A place for running may include not only the streets, stadiums, but also parks, meadows and forests.
The outfit also does not require special funding. For running need only comfortable shoes and relax movement there.
Run all regardless of age or physical fitness. However, it is to start running under the guidance of professionals and among the people who will support and motivate you. This form for beginners offers sports club Halny Węgierska Górka, who was a partner of a nationwide action "over". KS Halny as one of the first will promote this action by RUNNING classes.
Persons wishing to start the adventure with running welcome on March 22 this year. 9: 30 am on the first attachment to the Hungarian Hills, on the banks of the river Soła River, collection at the spectacular scene.
Each, if health allows it, he can come and have a good time. It's a little class time, when one is among the people who want to do something for themselves, and, in particular, for your health and perfect being.